This is the second part of the holiday bonanza podcast. It gets a bit repetitive. There’s like 40 minutes of people going “oh this podcast is so bad”. But then it gets more focused and interesting in the last half as David goes into a detailed story about getting charged for a crime he was completely innocent of.




It is a star studded holiday extravaganza with Heaven’s Water Cooler regulars Lucas, Kyle, David and Anu. Topics discussed include lampocrats, wrestling announcers, and other things. Hard to recall really.



Big Phi guests on the podcast with Kyle as a cohost. The podcast is recorded in New York City and centers around Phi’s journey through living in the city for 9 years, as well as Lucas and Kyle’s past two days in the city, and a variety of other random topics.



Kyle returns to the podcast and records it from his computer in New York City, the center of everything invented ever. Lucas and David join the podcast via video chat from a remote location somewhere in the vast nothingness between New York and LA. This episode is an experiment in how well digital communication works for podcasting on our low level. Topics discussed include the World Cup, college days and the nostalgia of them, Seth Rogen’s movie, who would be a good couple with who (man wise), app ideas, and tons of other stuff. Check it out.



Special guest Matty Night stops by the show. He’s a jack of all trades in the Denver House Music scene. He DJs and produces songs in a group called Action 52, he works at a record label called Night Supply, and promotes shows with a group called The Hundred. He has a ton of insight on the dynamics of the electronic music industry today and the history of it. David returns to co host, since he actually knows about these things and Lucas is relatively clueless. This episode should really be a treat for people interested in this genre of music, but not too inside to alienate people who know very little about it. Matt is also one of the coolest guys to ever come on the show, and there have been some ballin dudes on the show, so you know consider giving it a listen.

Also check out his stuff:




  This episode covers much pretty much every subject related to the planet Earth. And it was recorded on Earth Day! (I think). The sun is not mentioned, because if you have listened to previous episodes you know that the sun sucks. But, on this episode topics discussed include Stephen Colbert’s takeover of the Tonight Show, Fracking, Documentaries about Whales, Documentaries about Cocaine, World War 2, The Colorado Avalanche, Chipotle (and whether the guest John actually truly loves it or not), some nerdy computer games that I don’t remember the name of, and pro wrestling. Way too much pro wrestling. Also the return of Good Tweet Bad Tweet and repeated computer issues. It’s a great listen. Hopefully you’re blessed to still have one or two functional ears so you can tune in.


This episode has a special guest named Mickey who is on a cross country drive from northern Virginia to San Francisco (where the above picture was taken, just so you know how insanely relevant it is).  He is moving out to San Francisco, and stopped for a weekend in Denver along the way. Topics discussed include Mickey’s stops in Nashville and Kansas City, the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, and a crazy high speed chase story that will blow your mind.


Big time guest Elliot joins the show for a wild thrill ride of audio amazement! Good Tweet Bad Tweet returns. Anu returns to co host. DMX is discusssed! Also, electronic music, the anti-gay legislation in Arizona, America’s inferiority in olympic hockey, bizarre internet searches, Mardis Gras, and twitter beefs.


Eric returns to Heaven’s Water Cooler to co-host, and brings his friend Ryan on as a guest. This is an explosive episode! Ryan and Eric discuss the ups and downs of their 20 year friendship. Also, discussion of the Super Bowl of Doom, the Winter Olympics and whether they matter or not, a summary of the political situation in America right now, and the drawbacks of Tinder.


Heaven’s Water Cooler is joined by long awaited, world anticipated guest Mark. Various aspects of New Orleans are discussed, including the Super Bowl, Mardis Gras, and the local comedy scene. Also, Anu recounts a wild brawl that Mark took part in, and Lucas shares his New Year’s Resolution. Good Tweet/Bad Tweet returns, and the last twenty minutes include a previous Heaven’s Water Cooler who is a brunette female. In the horrible audio department, Lucas’s microphone is turned up too high for much of this episode so it sounds all autotuned or dubsteppy or robotic, and the Good Tweet/Bad Tweet music plays for no reason at the beginning of this episode. Many apologies for these things, but please enjoy this otherwise agreeable episode.