Lucas visits Kyle in New York.  The two recount the trip, including Kyle’s interactions with cab drivers and food consumption. Plus, a recap of a Packers/Giants game without the express written consent of the NFL.



Anu makes his debut as a co-host in this episode, with special guest Wes. Wes talks about his college football days, his amateur boxing days, his passion for fighting, his thoughts on popular professional fighters right now, and his hopes for the future of his fighting career. Also, baseball is debated. Lucas recounts various players from his Madden team, and Anu talks about the St. Louis Rams game he attended.


Wes’s first amateur boxing match, discussed on the podcast, can be viewed here


This is Lucas C’s final episode as a co-host of the podcast. He comes on a day and half before he leaves to China for an undetermined amount of time. Lucas and Lucas discuss his plans in Asia, how his time in America has gone, city populations, and a variety of unrelated topics like Dostoevsky, Japanese Pro Wrestling, the movie Playing For Keeps and Australians. Plus former co-host Kyle calls into the show to give an update on the bar situation, and a new co-host to Heaven’s Water Cooler is announced.


Kyle returns to the show during his visit from New York. He talks about his experience in the city and what he’s up to there. Lucas C talks about his trip to  Electric Forest, and the return of Good Tweet/Bad Tweet. Please excuse the random static areas in the first third of this episode.


Megan graces the show with her presence to talk about a variety of topics including, but not limited to, how to pick up chicks in department stores, over the phone, at dentist’s offices and in Ireland. This episode was recorded at a party, so just like Episode 11 there is a large number of guest appearances and run ins.



Lucas B and Eric spend 70 minutes reviewing Fast and Furious 6. A scene by scene breakdown, complete with analysis, insight and horrible impressions. There is literally nothing in this episode besides Fast Six discussion, so please don’t be disappointed if you’re expecting something else.

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Matt stops by Heaven’s Water Cooler to discuss his recent trip to Japan, his new band, and the Washington Redskins. Lucas C offers a mocking apology for his annoying mouth noises on the previous episode, then proceeds to occasionally do more of it during this episode. World renowned caller Jason calls back in. Lucas B outlines the history of pro wrestlers in Christmas movies, and Good Tweet/Bad Tweet returns.



After spending a year teaching English in South Korea, and four months traveling through various Asian countries, Lucas C makes a triumphant in studio return to Heaven’s Water Cooler. What were his experiences? What kind of people did he come across? What did he learn? Find out these things and much, much more.



This is Kyle’s last episode as a co-host of the show. Find out why he decided to move to New York City. Also, a wide array of topics from Mongols to Munson, Flippin Las Vegas to car dealers, and food sickness. Plus, information on who will replace Kyle as co-host and what the future of Heaven’s Water Cooler will look like.


Have you ever wondered about sound jokes?! Special guest Phi joins this episode, recorded in Irvine, California. Many topics are briefly discussed, including Dennis Rodman as a diplomat, Vine, which reptile Kyle is like, and Phi’s sense of humor. Also, perspective on the city of Irvine, the return of Good Tweet/Bad Tweet and possibly a few other things.